What is your style of photography?

We describe our style as artistic documentary. This means that we try to not influence your day by posing or setting up to many shots. Photographing your day as it is naturally unfolding is what tells a great story. That is our mission, to tell your story in the most beautiful way possible. Of course we will certainly still do the formal shots of you with your family, and details such as dress and shoes. It is your day after all, and we are here to make sure you have all the photos you dreamed of and more.

Do you offer video?

Currently Dalke Studios is solely a photography studio, but we do have a couple fantastic videographers we work with to refer you to. Contact us for more details!

Can we make our own prints?

All of our packages come with a USB drive with hi res images for you to get your own prints. We include a print release to take with you to your lab as well. Although, we do recommend ordering any large format prints (8x10 or larger) through us to unsure the best quality of print and paper are used.

What is an "unplugged" wedding ceremony?

An "unplugged" ceremony is something that has been gaining popularity. With the burst of technology, most people have iphones, droids, and ipads. Couples have been starting to ask their guests to turn off their phones, ipad's, and camera's during their ceremonies. They are feeling as though their guests are more present when not occupied by their electonics, really living in the moment and sharing this beautiful event with the bride and groom. By requesting this couples are attempting to create a more intimate environment. Regardless of what you decide, Dalke Studios is dedicated to capturing your ceremony, your love, and the emotions of your guests.

Do you travel?

We LOVE to travel! We would have to add on travel fees that will vary pending on your location, so please contact us with your details for us to give you an accurate quote.